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03 Oct 2016
Delta Materials

Delta Materials Handling Suggests You Compare the Strength of the Dealer Not Just the Strength of the Forklift


When considering the purchase or lease of a new lift truck - consider more than the brand name. While the quality of the equipment is important, so is the quality of customer service you will receive after the sale.

The truth of the matter is that you will spend far more time in a relationship with the local dealer than you ever will with the brand name manufacturer. Buyer Beware. As consumers, we are all influenced by our perceptions of a product or service. A brand name is nothing more than our impression.

Unfortunately, it is usually Madison Avenue that has created the impression, not hands-on experience. The perception often is not the reality of the quality of the product or service. The world of material handling is not any different.

Business consumers are faced with the dilemma of sifting through all the perception and selecting the best forklift(s) for their company's needs. Industrial purchases, such as lift trucks, are usually planned and researched. The research often comes in the form of a meeting with salesmen representing the various brands.

The salesperson all begin to sound alike, they all say "We're the best." The best what? The best equipment? The best at analyzing your needs and recommending equipment? The best at stocking parts? The best at response time for service? The best at offering long-term cost effective solutions?

From the business consumer's point of view, all dealerships begin to look alike. They all have sales, service and rental departments. So, many times the final decision comes down to the perception of the strength of the brand.

It is Delta Materials Handling’s recommendation that, before your next purchase of material handling equipment, break out of the perception loop:

  • Do not just meet with the salesperson at your location; go to the dealerships.
  • See first hand the differences.
  • Meet the faces that will be supporting your company's needs.
  • Look at the systems in place.
  • Look at the experience of the people.
  • Look at the long-term experience and stability of the dealership.

… This is truly what you will be buying - not just the brand name perception.

We would be happy to let you openly view the strength of our dealership. Call your representative for a facility tour today!


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