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03 Feb 2017
Delta Mat

Tips on Buying a Used Forklift

Tips on Buying a Used Forklift:

1. Who should purchase a used forklift?

Rule of thumb from the lift truck industry:  If you intend to use a forklift less than 4 hours per day, you should look at purchasing a used forklift versus a new forklift. Some prospects have a preference of new over used and vice versa—but applications with limited usage are great candidates for used forklifts.

2. How can you get the best value in a used forklift truck?

Purchase one that has been retired out of a Dealers Rental Fleet. They have been maintained on a regular basis and have had qualified technicians performing planned maintenance and breakdown repairs since new. Also, a leased forklift is replaced when their contract term ends, not when major issues happen, therefore, those rental/lease retirements become great used forklifts to purchase.

3. Why Not Enjoy The Cost Savings?

One of the leading motivators of purchasing a used lift truck is initial cost savings. New lift trucks (just like cars) depreciate the moment they are delivered. This creates a great purchasing opportunity for customers in the secondary market because they can realize great cost savings when purchasing used.

If you are considering purchasing a used forklift, Delta Materials Handling invites you to our Special One Day Only Used Forklift Sale. We have many used forklift models available at our Memphis location. Our staff will also be on-site to help you find the right forklift for your specification.

4. Why attend the Special One Day Only Used Forklift Sale?

  • Lowest prices
  • Huge selection of models
  • Financing available
  • Some with factory warranty remaining
  • Special delivery rates
  • Most forklifts are lease retirements
  • FREE NEW PALLET JACK with any used forklift purchase

Don’t Miss This Used Forklift Sale!

February 23, 2017
9am - 3pm
Memphis Location Only!
Delta Materials Handling, Inc.
4647 Clarke Rd
Memphis, TN 38141
901-795-7230  or 800-228-0492


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