07 Jun 2017
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5 Benefits for Renting or Leasing a Forklift with Delta Materials Handling

Choosing the right forklift for the job is crucial. The specifications of a particular forklift have to match the facility and the tasks for where it is going to be used.

For example, the width of aisles can impact forklift safety and specifications; and aisles can be narrow, which will dictate the overall size of the equipment. Whether the power lift truck is used indoors or outdoors will dictate the fuel source (electric, battery, and internal combustion) and could impact safety.

It is important to remember that, just because one type of forklift suits your friend’s workplace, it does not mean that the same type of equipment will meet your needs.The wrong forklift will affect your operation costs, productivity and stock management.

Delta Materials Handling specializes in rental forklifts in Memphis & Jackson TN, Tupelo, MS and Jonesboro, AR. We offer a wide selection of electric rider forklifts, warehouse forklifts, yard forklifts, electric narrow aisle forklift, electric pallet trucks, electric scissor lifts, electric booms, and truck mounted forklifts.

Renting a forklift could be your answer and Delta Materials Handling is here to help.

What Are the Benefits for Renting/Leasing a Forklift with Delta Materials Handling?

1. No Large Upfront Purchase Costs

Our finance flexibility is unsurpassed in the industrial truck marketplace.  We can tailor finance plans that best fit the situation and your needs.

2. Short or Long-Term Rental Plans Available.

Our forklift truck rental fleet of over 500 late model forklifts offers a wide range of models, gas, LP and electric. If your forklift fleet is one truck or a hundred, if you need a planned replacement program, or better utilization of equipment and a hedge against rising costs, then call us.

Find out more on our DeltaMax Long-Term Rental Program

3. Late Model Equipment and Immediate Availability.

We carry the most popular sizes and also the unusual such as Order Pickers, Drexels, and Large Capacity Units. Each is carefully inspected before being delivered and is available usually on the same day you call.

4. Delta Materials Handling has Over 55Years Experience.

We’re a local, family owned and operated company that has been serving the Mid-South since 1960.

5. We Match the Proper Equipment to Your Operations.

It is important for your forklift to match the specific needs to your task and Delta Materials Handling will ensure you are fitted properly.

Refer to our Delta Materials Handling Specification Guide as reference to get you started. The Specification Guide aims to provide you with a comprehensive way to choose which machine best fits your specific operation.

The Specification Guide indicates which forklift to pick based on several factors. Factors such as: base capacity (pounds), lift height, lowered height, reduced capacity with side-shifters (pounds), overall width, minimum aisle 48” load, fuel type, and service weight (pounds).

Use this Specification Guide to quickly locate the proper equipment that fits your specific requirements.

If you need assistance choosing the proper model for your warehouse needs, Delta Materials Handling has an experienced and dedicated team of professionals at your disposal. Please give us a call or email us at 800-624-9771/


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