26 Jul 2017
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Delta Materials Handling Solves Warehouse Problems: United Solutions Company

At Delta Materials Handling we pride ourselves on being capable of solving our customer’s warehouse problems.

Here’s a challenge brought to us by United Solutions Company and the result.


United Solutions Company approached Delta Materials Handling, Inc. with a question about the most economical way to transition from older forklifts to brand new technology driven forklifts, as well as, a forklift maintenance plan.


The DeltaMax Long Term Rental Program was the solution. The program included New Forklifts with maintenance program and conversion of their existing LPG Forklifts to New Electric Forklifts.

Customer Testimonial

“Delta Materials Handling and the Linde E20C forklift changed our view of electric forklifts. The Linde E20C coupled with a DesertHog battery and an opportunity charger gives us all the power we need and more. Not only are we running clean environmentally friendly forklifts, we are saving a significant amount of money not having to buy those costly LP tanks.

In the beginning, we were hesitant of change but the DeltaMax Long Term Rental Program was perfect to walk us through the transition. Delta took the time to ask the questions, learn about our company and operations, and successfully find a forklift solution. Thank you, Delta Materials Handling!”

- Nick Bergeron, United Solutions

For a complete guide to DeltaMax Long Term Rental Program benefits, refer to our previous blog:

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