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16 Apr 2018
Delta Mat

Warehouse Products & Solutions

If you own something, you probably value it. Things of value, especially when it comes to your business, deserve quality materials. For the last 57 years Delta Materials Handling has been a multi-dimensional provider of warehouse products in the Mid-South, with locations in Memphis TN, Jackson TN, Tupelo, MS & Jonesboro, AR. From the many years of service, we suggest these warehouse products essentials: pallet rack & shelving systems, dock equipment, conveyors installation solutions, material and vertical lifts, modular offices, and pallet jacks.

Pallet racks, shelving systems, and pallet jacks are the most essential warehouse products. We partner with multiple pallet rack and shelving system brands to give you a variety in choice. Our partnered brands include: Steel King, Speed Rack, Nashville Wire Products, and Parent Metal

  • Steel King is the nation’s 4th largest producer of pallet rack systems. Their products include pallet racks, cantilever racks, portable racks, and industrial containers.
  • Speed Rack was the first to develop an entirely tubular pallet rack which provides greater strength per pound of steel and a longer life span.
  • Nashville Wire products has a world-wide reach, supplying wire decks and containers for the material handling industry.
  • Parent Metal has been producing storage systems/units and industrial furniture in the USA since 1921. Their storage systems include boltless shelving, pre-assembled bin units, and open/closed industrial shelving. Parent Metal also supplies storage units such as lockers, cabinets, shop desks, stock carts, shelf trucks, mobile cabinets, laptop storage cart.

Our pallet jacks are heavy duty one-pieced formed steel, have a three-position control handle, a 1-year full warranty, with custom sizes available. Having a durable pallet jack is crucial for the safe transport of the materials and the safety of the employee. Because we want to safeguard your products and employees, we keep all popular sizes of pallet jacks in stock.

It is also our goal to help you find the best fit for your needs. That is why we offer multiple options to help you find the best warehouse solution. We can provide you with a range of dock equipment and conveyor options that are not only durable and safe but will help with logistic efficiency. We partner with Roach Conveyors and Metzgar Conveyor, who like us, provide top tier customer service. We also offer wide variety of high-quality storage cabinets, storage systems, and workstations.

Since 1960 we have strived to be the best at materials handling in the Mid-South. That is why we only supply superior quality products. We source our materials and vertical lifts from Custom Industrial Products, who have been nationwide vertical lift providers for the last 20 years. Like many of our products, we source our modular offices from long standing companies, such as Portafab. They have over 30 years of experience providing a variety of well-designed modular offices.

With our many options, we can help you find your warehouse solution!


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