• It’s the lease we can do!

    It’s the lease we can do!

    Delta Mat
    Is it better to buy or lease a forklift?

    It really all depends on your company and its needs. There are benefits to both and here are some points that might help with making your decision

    Benefits of Leasing a Forklift:
    • No large upfront costs: Reap the benefits of the equipment without having to completely pay for the entire unit. Leasing will also give you more free capital in comparison to buying.
    • Lower maintenance costs: The maintenance costs are much lower when leasing than with buying. This is because maintenance costs are partially taken up by the leasing company. When buying a forklift all the maintenance costs are on you.
    • Up-to-date with current models: Leasing allows for continued up-to-date models or different models that better suit your company’s needs.
    • Eliminating Stand-by Equipment: Only use the forklift when needed, getting the most for your buck.
    You may consider buying a forklift if the following apply:
    • You prefer to own your equipment
    • You have a line of credit to purchase a new forklift
    • You expect to be using the forklift for 20 years

    Delta Materials Handling has been renting/leasing forklifts since 1960. We offer both short-term and long-term leases. With our short-term leases , we offer the following:

    • Daily, weekly, or monthly leasing
    • Maintenance Included
    • Immediate Availability
    • Multiple Models such as: Electric Rider Forklift, Warehouse Forklift, Yard Forklift, etc.

    For long-term leasing, we offer our DeltaMax Program that features:

    • Experts help to find the forklift that best fits your business activities
    • Flexibility with terms and equipment
    • 12 - 84 months agreements
    • Fixed payments - No maintenance surprises!
    • No cash outlay
    • And much more!

    Forklift Rentals in Memphis, Jackson, Tupelo & Jonesboro:

    Delta Materials Handling has the largest forklift rental fleet in the mid-south with hundreds of models available to fit any application. If you want to know more about the forklift rentals and our in-house promotions contact us at 800-228-0492 or enquire online today.

    Delta Materials Handling Inc. now offers a special promotion on forklift rentals. Mention “ It's the lease we can do? ” and receive a FREE consultation to evaluate your lease requirements.

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