PiggyBack Forklifts
03 Sep 2018
Delta Materials Handling

Need A PiggyBack ®? | Delta Materials Handling

Delta Materials Handling Inc. owns a rental fleet of over 500 forklifts, available by the day, week, or month. Delta Materials is fully equipped to meet any company’s immediate need with more than 94 percent of replacement parts being available on the same-day. They also provide 24-hour emergency service for all types of forklifts.

Of the fleet of over 500 forklifts, Delta Materials offers various Princeton Delivery Systems’ PiggyBack forklifts. Princeton Delivery Systems is the leading manufacturer of truck mounted forklifts in North America. Princeton distributes its PiggyBack® brand of forklifts through an extensive network of leading materials handling equipment distributors such as Delta Materials Handling.

PiggyBack® forklifts are tailored toward the demanding needs of many industries such as:

●      Beverage

●      Bottled Gas

●      Brick, Block and Pavers,

●      General Building Materials

●      Doors and Windows

●      Drywall

●      Lumber

●      Moving and Storage

●       Roofing

●      Sod

There are multiple PiggyBack® models. At the lighter end, there is the PB36 with a capacity of 3600lbs, The PB36 is applicable to the Beverage, Bottled Gas, and Doors & Windows industries. On the heavier end there is the PB80+ with capacity of 8000lbs. The PB80+ is applicable to the Drywall, General Building Materials, Lumber, and Moving & Storage industries. If you are looking at a PiggyBack® model, mention “PiggyBack ® Special 2018” and receive 15% off filter on you PiggyBack’s next scheduled Preventative Maintenace.

Looking for a Forklift?

Delta Materials Handling is the one stop source for new, used, or rental PiggyBack® Forklifts. We also provide parts and service for all brands of truck mounted forklifts. We are the Mid-South's leading supplier of new and used forklifts with locations in Memphis TN, Jackson TN, Tupelo, MS & Jonesboro, AR. Experts at each location are happy to assist you with your specific needs and to help you choosing the right equipment. If you want to know more about the different types of forklifts and our in-house promotions contact us under 800-624-9771.


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