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07 Nov 2018
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Do You Have Tired Tires?

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Delta Materials Handling offers a variety of forklift tire options.  If you have ever driven a forklift – or any wheeled vehicle – you know that using the right tires helps to ensure safety and support.  Choosing the right tire comes down to the type of forklift and the environment it is working in.  Does the forklift cruise through the warehouse or work out in the yard?  Although in most cases, the forklift only accepts one type of tire.

Choosing the Right Type of Forklift Tires:

Pneumatic Tires

 Pneumatic forklift tires are very similar to the heavy-duty tire found on highway trucks.  Filled with air, they have deep treads and are made of long-lasting rubber.  Some of the heavy-duty applications have the pneumatic tires filled with liquid polyurethane foam instead of air.  A pneumatic forklift tire extends the useful life of the forklift because of this added protection.  This is the primary tire for use in heavy duty, rough outdoor applications.

Solid Rubber Tires

The solid rubber forklift tire is very similar to the pneumatic, but without the cushion the air provides.  They are normally solid rubber built around a metal band.  Ironically, these occasionally called cushion tires because they provide a cushion of solid tire between the load and the surface.  A solid forklift tire will last a long time; the tradeoff is the lack of protection for your equipment.  There are some standard solid tires, but they are normally considered press-on tires.

Polyurethane Tires

The polyurethane forklift tire is a lightweight option that provides good traction with low rolling resistance.  These tires are most often on electric, indoor use forklifts.  They can carry more weight and this is a consideration in balancing the weight of batteries.  Polyurethane forklift tires are press on tires.

Delta Materials offers smooth (non-marking) and deep tread tires in a variety of sizes. They offer tires for all foreign and domestic forklift trucks.  They even offer mounting and pressing at your company’s facility!

Forklift Tire Replacement:

1.Wear line: Many forklift tires have built in wear lines.  When the wear line shows through on the tire surface, it is time for replacement. 

2. Tears: Examine the surface of the tires.  Are there tears or crack on the surface?  Are there flat spots?  Flat spots can be created from by repeated turns with heavy loads or parking the lift with a heavy load resting on the forks.  If any of these are present, then the tire needs replacing.

3. Chunking: This is when pieces of the tire have begun to fall or peel off.

Need New Forklift Tires?                                 

Delta Materials Handling is Mid-South's leading supplier of new and used forklifts with locations in Memphis TN, Jackson TN, Tupelo, MS & Jonesboro, AR. Need more information or want to schedule a tire replacement? Give us a call anytime!  (800) 228-0492.  Experts at each location are happy to assist you with your specific needs and to help you get the right service and parts.  If you mention “Tired?” between 11/05/18 - 12/31/18 you will receive a 15% off discount on your tires.  Delta Materials Handling will keep you rolling.


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