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03 Dec 2018
Delta Materials Handling

5 Forklift Safety Tips for the Winter | Delta Materials Handling

It's that time of year to start sliding into the holiday spirit. Although, if you’re not careful, your forklift might slide right along with you! The ice and snow are on their way, make sure you are ready to keep yourself and your coworkers safe from slipping and sliding your way into the hospital. Go through this winter checklist to keep yourself safe this winter season!

1. Maintenance

Like any machine, safety starts with maintenance. Before the winter comes, have a certified technician look over your forklift’s oil, fuel, transmission, and hydraulic filters; along with its battery, anti-freeze, brakes, and tires.

Batteries: The cold is rough on batteries. Batteries tend to discharge faster in colder environments. Make sure your batteries are working at near maximum capacity before the cold weather comes.

Tires: Regularly check tire pressure. The cold can decrease tire pressure. For every 10 degrees of temperature drop, tires will drop 1-2 pounds of pressure.

Anti-Freeze: Even if it is ice cold outside, without proper anti-freeze levels, your forklift could over heat.

2. Dress Properly

Dress properly for the weather. Improper clothing can lead to frostbite and hypothermia. Wear gloves, a hat, and wind and waterproof clothing. Cold weather is usually coupled with shorter and overcast days, a bonus is to wear bright reflective colors to increase visibility. This helps to prevent accidents or in the case of accidents, helps first responders find you.

3. Be Thoughtful and Vigilant

It's cold and you want to get inside as fast as possible. It may be true, but that is the wrong way to think! A very common and major problem with forklift operating in the winter is rushing to complete an order. You don’t risk hydroplaning in your car, why would you risk it in a forklift?

Be vigilant of your own body. Your body prioritizes keeping your vital organs warm over your extremities. If you find your feet or hands becoming numb, take a small break and warm them up. Numbness can be a sign of onset frostbite

4. Warm up that engine

Let your engine warm up before using the forklift. Not allowing it to warm up can lead to poor combustion and transmission problems.

5. Safety Lights

In the case that the forklift suffers a mechanical failure, it is crucial to have a safety light/ beacon mounted to it. It is also for increasing visibility on darker winter days. Along with that, it is just as important to make sure the forklift’s warning lights are also working.

Looking for Winter Forklift Maintenance Service?

Delta Materials Handling is the company for you. They have service locations in Memphis & Jackson Tennessee, Tupelo, Mississippi, and Jonesboro, Arkansas. With more than 55 years of forklift maintenance service, Delta Materials has seen its fair share on winters. Delta Materials also has a fleet of service vehicles ready to come to you! Their average response time to service calls is 4 hours! Need to schedule your winter forklift maintenance service? Call Delta Materials Handling at (800)-624-9771 or contact them here.


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