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    There are about 34,900 serious injury forklift accidents a year in the US. The top types of accidents are tip-overs, being trapped in a forklift by an object or by another forklift, and hit/run overs. 70% of all these accidents could have been avoided with proper forklift safety training.

    OSHA requires that forklift officers pass three phases of training: formal instruction, practical forklift training, and the evaluation of the operator's performance. Delta Materials Handling Inc. can provide the first two phases, while the last phase must be performed by the employer.  

    Forklift Safety Training Phases:

    Formal Instruction:

    In a classroom setting, future operators learn proper safety and regulation standard of operating a forklift. The future operators will be taught by highly-trained and experienced instructors through lectures and various forms of presentations.

    Practical Training:

    During this phase, future-operators put what they learned in the previous phase to work. Here they will go through obstacles and drill through a Safety Checklist that will be key to their safety, and the safety of others, for the rest of their careers.


    This evaluation phase gauges the operator’s performance in the workplace, this responsibility usually falls on the employer.

    Some of OSHA’s Visual Safety Check Guidelines:

    1. Overall visible check of the forklift’s general condition

    2. Undamaged overhead guard

    3. Undamaged forks

    4. Battery (secured in place, no exposed wire, and stable electrolyte levels)

    5. All bolts, nuts, and guards are in secured

    6. All hoses and hydraulics are secured and operational

    7. Engine oil levels

    8. Fuel level

    9. Radiator water level

    10. Check wheels for wear & air pressure

    Stay Safe in 2019, Schedule your training appointment!

    Delta Materials holds forklift safety training classes each Tuesday or Thursday at our Memphis facility. Special rates are available for large classes of company attendees (training can be done at customer’s site). By completing the training program, you will receive a copy of written examination, a certificate of completion, and a copy of obstacle course evaluation blank operator’s permit (with instructions).

    Give us a call 800-624-9771!

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