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08 Feb 2019
Delta Materials Handling

6 Tips for Renting a Forklift | Forklift Rentals

For any purchase, you want to make sure you’re getting what you need for the best price. When it comes to forklift rentals, it is important that you and the rental company are asking the right questions. Make sure you know what questions to ask and what questions to listen for when renting a forklift.

 1. Ask Questions

There are many types of forklifts. It's okay not to know exactly which forklift to rent – don’t hesitate to ask questions. The goal is to get a forklift that will best fit the task you are trying to complete. A good indicator that you are renting from a reliable company is to make sure they are asking you the right questions. This shows their expertise in forklifts. Some questions that indicate a reliable company include, “what type of environment/work will you be working in?”, or “What type of materials will you be moving?”.

2. Come Prepared

Help the forklift dealership know what type of forklift you need by coming prepared. Be ready to tell them what kind of material you are moving, it’s dimensions, and how it’s packaged. Is it square? How much does it weigh? At what height does the forklift need to reach? Is the material on a pallet? Is it in a barrel? The more details the better!

3. Rent from a Company with a Good Track Record

Research the company you are renting from. The last thing you need is to rent a defective forklift. Look at the company’s forklift service policy, reviews, and customer service quality and response time.

4. Dealership Service department

A very important tip for forklift rentals is renting from a dealership with a service department. It is ideal to rent from companies with a full-service repair and maintenance department. In the off chance that something happens during your rental period, the company should be able to send professional technicians to resolve the problem.

5. Forklift Rental Time Choices

Everything does not always go as planned. A one-day rental may end up being a one-week rental. In general, it is best to rent from a company with a large fleet, who also offer multiple rental time options.

6. Financing a Rental Forklift

If you will be renting a forklift for the long term, such as a year, look for a forklift rental company that offers deals on long-term rentals. These deals could reduce your overall costs. This goes back to tip one, don’t hesitate to ask questions!

Are You Looking to Rent a Forklift?

With a fleet of over 500 forklifts, Delta Materials Handling Inc. has the largest fleet in the Mid-South. They have been renting and leasing forklifts since 1960. Forklift rentals are available by the day, week, or month. Delta Materials also offers the DeltaMax program for long-term rentals. Along with having the largest fleet of forklifts in the Mid-South, Delta Materials also has a top-tier service department with an average service call response time of four hours.

We are ready to supply you with the perfect forklift to get the job done. Come visit us at one of our many locations or contact us at (800)-624-9771!


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