Need a lift?
09 May 2019

Need a lift?

When you want something done, you want it done right the first time around. Princeton Piggyback® forklifts do just that. These forklifts are efficient, user-friendly, and are effective in completing tasks. Princeton Delivery Systems is the leading North American Manufacturer of truck mounted forklift products. Princeton Piggyback® forklifts can be used for a variety go applications such as transporting pallets of beverages, large bricks blocks, pavers, storage modules, roofing materials, lumber, and much more!

PiggyBack® Forklift Models and Uses:

Princeton has a series of “PB+” forklifts that denote the machine has been redesigned to include new features that increase performance, options, safety, and simplify maintenance.

  • PB36 – 3600lbs Capacity: The PB36 forklift is best suited for transporting beverages, bottled gas, doors & windows.
  • PB45 STM – 4500lbs Capacity: The PB45 STM forklift is a versatile static mast forklift that can perform perfectly on any terrain. The PB45 STM’s engine is technologically advanced. It boasts an EPA Tier 4 Compliant engine. It provides high horsepower and torque along with improved fuel consumption.
  • PB55+ 4-way – 5500lbs Capacity: The PB55 + 4-way forklift offers four directional steering. This forklift is best fitted for construction sites because of its outstanding maneuverability. It is great for lifting general building materials, drywall, lumber, and roofing materials.
  • PB55+ – 5500lbs Capacity: The PB55+ forklift is the favorite for those who work in the brick, block, and paver industries.
  • PB55X+ – 5500lbs Capacity: The PB55X+ forklift boasts the “double reach” feature. This feature adds extending scissors reach system to the standard moving mast. This addition allows the operator to unload the entire truck from one side.
  • PB70+ – 7000lbs Capacity: The PB70+ forklift is the only unit to have a 7000lbs capacity. It features anti-stall hydraulics, center steering, a 56 HP diesel engine, and renowned stability.
  • PB80+ – 8000lbs Capacity: The PB80 forklift is the hulk of the Piggyback® product line. This forklift is ideal for moving multiple wide and heavy loads. Like the PB55+, this forklift also offers center seating to minimize the danger of running into hidden obstacles.

Rent or Buy a Princeton PiggyBack® Forklift

Delta Materials Handling is partnered with Princeton as one of their premier material handling equipment distributors. With a fleet of over 700 forklifts, Delta Materials Handling is the Mid-South's leading supplier of new and used forklifts.

Delta Materials offers all of the above models for rent or purchase. We provide servicing and replacement parts for all Princeton models in conjunction with our purchase or rental services. In every location, Memphis, TN, Tupelo, MS, Jackson, TN & Jonesboro, AR, Delta Materials has experts available ready to assist you with your specific needs.

Give us a call 800-624-9771!


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