03 Sep 2019
Delta Materials Handling

6 ways the DeltaMax Long Term Rental Program can save you time and money

Should your company buy or lease a forklift? There are benefits to both, although, many enterprises choose to lease forklifts because of 3 main factors – flexibility, lower initial costs, and staying up-to-date. While many companies offer forklift leasing in the Mid-South, not many offer the features of our DeltaMax Long Term Forklift Rental Program.

Here are 6 Ways the DeltaMax Long Term Rental Program can save Time and Money:

  1. Cash Conversation: There is no cash outlay needed to obtain equipment under a long-term rental – which is great for any sized company. 
  2.  No Maintenance Surprises: Part of the program are fixed payments that cover the maintenance of the equipment. Don’t worry about the maintenance, we’ll handle it.  
  3. Eliminate Waste: Say goodbye to standby equipment. Stand-by equipment incurs needless costs like storage and maintenance. Through the DeltMax Program, you can eliminate those costs. We can supply you with the needed equipment immediately.  
  4.  Pay Along the Way: Only pay for what you use. Every agreement is based upon your expected hours of use and operating conditions.
  5. Flexible Terms and Equipment: DeltaMax agreements range from 12 to 84 months
  6.  Lower Operating Costs: Along with eliminating standby costs, the DeltaMax Program will reduce your organization’s hourly forklift operating cost.

Why Delta Materials Handling Inc.?

We, Delta Materials Handling, are the Mid-South's premier materials handling and forklift experts. We have been operating in the Mid-South since 1947. Since then, our fleet has grown to over 500 forklifts. We offer a diverse catalog of forklifts which includes: electric riders, warehouse forklifts, yard forklifts, electric narrow aisle forklifts, electric pallet trucks, and truck mounted forklifts.

Maximize your efficiency, productivity, and profitability – give us a call at (800)-624-9771!


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