09 Oct 2019

Delta Materials has your back A PiggyBack

Delta Materials Handling Inc. is the largest rental fleet carrier with an excess of 500 new and used. Delta Material features thousands of warehouse goods from a 92,000-pound-capacity forklift to a two-wheel hand truck. These products can be delivered within 48 hours and are available by the day, week, or month.

Princeton Delivery Systems’ PiggyBack® forklift is one of many forklifts that Delta Materials offers. Princeton Delivery Systems design, produce, and sell the PiggyBack® to a network of the material handling equipment distributors. In North America, they are the leading truck-mounted forklift manufacturers and they offer the industry the most extensive collection of three-wheel drive smooth and rough terrain products.

Which PiggyBack is Best for Each Industry?

Princeton has various models of “PB+” forklifts that has been redesigned inside and outside features to increase performance, safety, options, and simplify maintenance.

  • Brick, Block, and Pavers: PB55+ – 5500lbs Capacity

    - The PB55+ is ideal for most construction site delivery applications. It is the favorite choice most of the brick, block, and paver industries.

  • General Building Materials: PB45 – 4500lbs Capacity

    - The PB45 is all-new with its Tier 4 Final compliant engine that offers higher horsepower, higher torque, improved fuel consumption, and greater service intervals. Alongside that, the forklift itself has excellent stability and designed to have exemplary ground clearance and a low center of gravity.

  • Doors and Windows: PB36 – 2750-3600lbs Capacity

    - Introducing the newest upgrade to the PiggyBack Z1 – The Princeton PB36! With a smaller and lighter design, this model has retracting wheel arms and can even mount to the rear of trailers. The PB36 can deliver inside garages, over long distances, to a retail site, and is able to deliver in any weather.

  • Lumber: PB70+ – 7000lbs Capacity

    - The PB70+ model is the most stable, reliable and powerful component of its kind in the industry. It provides excellent stability which makes it the most flexible truck-mounted forklift for rough terrain delivers.

  • Moving and Storage: PB80+ – 8000lbs Capacity

    - The PB80+ is fashioned to manage heavy products or handle many products at one time. It offers load support arms that equip added support when traveling on rough terrain.

  • These Princeton PiggyBack® forklifts models are just a few that Delta Materials supplies. Multiple models are versatile to be used in various industries.

Looking for a Forklift?

Delta Materials Handling is partnered extensively with Princeton Delivery Systems’ PiggyBack® Forklifts. Delta Materials is the leading supplier of new, used, or rental in the Mid-South area. It provides all the models above and more. They can be rented or purchased and can also be aided in servicing and replacing parts for all Princeton models.

There are various locations in the Mid-South in Memphis, TN; Tupelo, MS; Jackson, TN; & Jonesboro, AR. At each location, experts will be there to assist in any forklift need or question. If you want to learn more about all about forklift models and makes, contact us at 800-624-9771.


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