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08 Nov 2019

Forklift Parts & Service | Just One Stop Needed

Numerous industries rely on how efficiently materials are transported in warehouses for storage, shipping, and other purposes. Forklifts are used for product movement across many of these industries. The company’s productivity in these warehouses must be at the highest importance, and with that, the maintenance and service of parts of the forklift should be taken as an important factor. Delta Materials can be depended on for this reason.

Delta Materials Handling, Inc. is a multi-dimensional supplier for sales, high-quality forklifts parts, services, and related warehouse equipment. Along with having a wide variety of top supplies, the service we provide is available 24/7, the average response time for services is 4 hours or less, and 90% of replacement parts are in stock for your needs.

In other words, Delta Materials is your one-stop-shop for your forklift parts and services.

The Forklift’s Anatomy and Functions

Locating the main parts of a forklift is vital for the usage, safety, and maintenance of the equipment and the person operating it. The following is a condensed list of forklift parts that will help ensure that associates are prepared to use them correctly and can identify the items if it requires attention and replacement.

  • Mast
  • Tires
  • Forks
  • Power Supply
  • Counterweight

Mast: For most forklifts, the mast is the vertical support positioned in the font of a forklift that lifts and lowers the loads. It is directly in the operator’s line of vision.

Tires: All forklifts need tires to function. If your tires are bald, cracked or overly worn, it is highly unstable and should be replaced. There are two main types of forklift tires:

  • Cushion Tires- These are typically used for indoor environments where surfaces are flat, smooth, and level. They are normally less expensive, easier to maintain, but do not have the traction that pneumatic tires offer.
  • Pneumatic Tires: These tires are generally used to operate for outdoor settings, where the surfaces can be rough, uneven, or irregular.

Click here to find the price and tire type for your forklift.

Forks: Forks, also known as tynes, are the parts that come in direct contact to transport the materials. They are long extensions, like arms, that are attached to the carriage. They support the load from the bottom. Forklift forks come various shapes, sizes, widths, and adjustments from right to left on the carriage.

Power Supply: The power supply is the source of the power of the forklift. It comes in four different supply types; gas, diesel, propane, and electric (battery). This can also include the engine or batteries, depending on the make of the forklift. The battery is positioned under the seat and the propane tank is towards the back. Gas and diesel forklifts have a fuel tank located under the back of the unit.

Counterweight: The counterweight is installed on the back of the forklift to keep it stable during lifting and transporting operations. It prevents the forklift from tilting forwards when it loads items.

To find and search for any specific parts, here is a form to fill out and we that will assist you in finding the parts your company needs. If you need replacement parts, click here to see the brands we cover.


When purchasing a forklift truck, it should be taken into consideration the availability of the best parts and services. Delta Materials has a list of sought-out services that they can do. They can say yes to the following service department features and benefits:

  • Multi-Location Service Centers
  • Minor and Major Repair Service
  • Fully Stocked Radio-Dispatched Service Vehicles
  • Multiple Tilt-Back Delivery Trucks at All Locations
  • Planned Maintenance and Guaranteed Maintenance Programs
  • Average 4-hour response time for service calls
  • Factory Trained Technicians
  • Written Estimates Prior to Work
  • Warranty of Work Accomplished
  • Road and Shop Quality Control inspector
  • Service History Reports
  • Customer Service Representatives

Why Choose Delta Materials Handling Inc.?

We, Delta Materials Handling, are Mid-South's premier materials handling and forklift experts. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or come visit us at one of our locations - Memphis, TN; Jackson, TN; Tupelo, MS; and Jonesboro, AR.

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