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04 Dec 2019

Make a List & Check it Twice: Holiday Forklift Safety

The most wonderful time of year is also the busiest in most warehouse and distribution centers. The holiday season brings in the crowd in many warehouses, and with that, warehouse safety is often overlooked. During this time, there is a bustle of employees, heavy equipment, machines, and packages that create obstacles for the forklifts being operated on.

With this being said, it is vital to be mindful and remember that it is essential for warehouse and forklift safety. With busy times coming close, accidents can lead to injuries and even fatalities.

In this blog we will discuss:

  • Common forklift accidents
  • Forklift training
  • Warehouse & forklift safety

Common forklift accidents

One of the biggest factors that are present with forklift accidents is the idea that they are not dangerous at all. Forklift operators can sometimes forget that forklifts are indeed dangerous because they are used to handling them that following the procedures are a second thought.

According to the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (ISHA) and other sources, these are common forklift accidents that involve worker injuries:

  • An operator reversing a forklift and hitting a worker from the inability to see them
  • Operating with a heavy load
  • A forklift tipping over and crushing a worker or an operator
  • An unsecured load that can fall off the forks
  • The operator not keeping their arms and legs inside the cab, which can cause slipping or falling to occur when they get out of the cab
  • Lack of proper maintenance of the forklift

There are ways to prevent these accidents from occurring. With proper training and safety procedures, these can help workers take the proper procedures for a safe environment. To find out ways to prevent forklift accidents, check out this blog.

Forklift Training

Forklift training is an important procedure that needs to be done before operating a forklift, but it needs to be on the highest priority of ensuring that the procedures are done every time a worker gets on a forklift, operates one, and gets off one.

Forklift safety and training should be done daily. With the holidays here, the busier it gets in businesses which means the busier it gets in warehouses. Continual training is important in this industry. Check out our blog on 4 Reasons Why Continual Training Is Necessary.

Warehouse & Forklift Safety

As previously stated, training is essential to prevent accidents from occurring. It is required that all forklift employees complete and pass a certification exam. The OSHA (Occupational Health and Administration) requires all forklift employees to be trained and certified before handling a forklift.

Forklift inspections are also a key factor for forklift safety. The CCOHS (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety) recommends forklifts should be examined both daily and every six months.

It is suggested to look for:

  • Clogged vent caps
  • Damaged wheels
  • Engine oil, fuel, and radiator water levels
  • Battery charged and secured in its place

Along with forklift safety, warehouse safety coincides with it. The warehouse layout should be clean and organized especially with a load of products coming in and out. These increased, extra materials can cause materials to be packed in areas and could block lighting fixtures. Areas need to be clear and well-lit to create a safe environment for all.

Safety All Year Round

During the holiday season, safety is of the utmost importance for your warehouse employees and forklift operators. By planning, maintaining a clean and organized warehouse, and practicing proper safety procedures, this can ensure that the safety of the staff is there.

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