New Year, New Forklift
13 Jan 2020
Delta Materials

New Year, New Forklift | Things to Consider When Purchasing a Forklift

With the new year comes new beginnings, and it’s the time to identify the areas in your business that needs improvement. If you are working with older forklifts, make sure they are safe and efficient to use. They could become a safety hazard and slow down operations in your warehouse.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Is my forklift always in need of repair?
  • Is my forklift overworked?
  • Do we have to wait for the battery to recharge?
  • Is my IC forklift polluting the work environment?

Did you answer “Yes” to any of the questions? If so, this new year is a perfect opportunity to get a new forklift.

Here are 5 things to consider when searching for and purchasing the best forklift for your warehouse.

  1. Price: Focusing on the upfront cost can become a big mistake. The cheapest forklift doesn’t always meet your minimum capacity requirements and understanding the lifetime value and how you can afford it overtime needs to be taken into consideration. There are many important factors to consider when buying a forklift, and the price is only one of them.
  2. Try before you buy: Typically, you don’t buy a car before you do a test run, and a forklift should be no different. Request a demo or a short-term rental to try it out in your actual work conditions.
  3. Dependable dealer: Buy your forklift from a respected and reputable dealer who can operate emergency and general maintenance when needed. Otherwise, there are risks for if your forklift breaks down.
  4. Maintenance plan: A maintenance plan will help to keep your operators safe and reduce downtime by having regular inspections. This catches problems early and even helps increase the life of a forklift.
  5. The right time to buy a forklift: There is an abundance of reasons to buy a forklift at the right time, and not everything has to with what’s occurring in the facility. Market trends, developments in the supply chain, and even government policy are things to pay close attention to.
Delta Materials Handling, Inc. as your Forklift Supplier

We offer a wide array of forklifts and other materials handling equipment . With a fleet of 500 forklifts, Delta Materials has the largest fleet in the Mid-South. We also have a unique program called Delta Max that offers long-term rentals.

We are ready to provide you with the perfect forklift to get any job done. Come visit us at our many locations or call us at (800)-624-9771!


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