Forklift Industry Trends
05 Feb 2020

Top 5 Forklift Industry Trends

Forklifts are a major part of the warehouse ecosystem. They are considered an essential part to keep the flow of everyday operations. These necessary tools carry, pull, push, lift, and stack materials in the warehouse to make employees jobs simpler.

It is important to be aware of the upcoming and developing technology trends for forklifts to ensure the efficiency of the warehouse. Here are the top 5 forklift trends to consider for your business or warehouse.


Alternative Power

There is a growing trend for energy efficiency for forklifts. There are stricter emission regulations and growth in developing battery powered electric forklifts. There is a drive for battery chemistry to improve operational efficiencies and reduce energy consumption.

Non-Marking Tires

Throughout North America and Europe, there is a demand for cleanliness in warehouses. Tires not only transfer tire marks, but it could also transfer rubber dust onto goods meant to be distributed. Risk of contamination and the cost of stripping tire rubber from warehouses can be dealt with from non-marking rubber tires.

With non-marking tires, it can improve facilities, its floor conditions, and it can remove the hassle of getting black rubber dust onto any material.

The Internet of Forklifts

The Internet of Things is here, and forklifts are no exception. Intelligent forklifts can have newly equipped technology such as RFID sensors that communicate directly. Tracking and information collection in these new technologies will be simplified and it essentially creates complex procedures into minimal work.


There are obvious aspects of safety policies that are related to tire design, but there are two factors to take into consideration. Vibration and noise caused by tires are important factors because there is little to no isolation from tire vibration for the operator. After all, forklifts do not have suspension. It is crucial to design tires that can handle the intensity, energy, and life of the modern forklift fleet.

Evolving Technology

New technologies are always emerging, and many industries are taking note of that. With these technologies, it does not just have advantages in forklifts, but also the entire warehouse environment. According to the Industrial IoT, warehouses are expected to become automated, and to move with these trends, companies must take proactive steps to become a forward-facing workforce.

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