Roach Manufacturing Corporation was founded in 1953 by Gay Roach Sr. Originally, the company's sole purpose was to design and build a line of heavy-duty highly-specialized conveyors for weighing, transporting and storing heavy, bulky bales of cotton. The company continued to heavily rely upon this manufacturing concern until 1971, when the company began to market itself as Roach Conveyors.

Today's Roach Conveyors offers a broad product lineup by continually expanding its line of package, pallet and floor conveyors. The flexibility of Roach Conveyors features complete system integration. This includes designing, building and working closely with our distributors producing a mix of our standard product line and highly-specialized units.

Roach Conveyors proudly offers its customers the industry's most diverse collection of conveyors available for 24 hour shipment anywhere in the USA. If a product qualifies for 24 hour shipment and does not meet this deadline, whether it's a single unit or a complete system of conveyors, Roach will pay the shipping. Roach Conveyors ships with 99% on-time accuracy for its 24 hour lineup.

The basic guiding philosophy of Roach Conveyors is simple. This simple philosophy has grown this organization from its simple bale-handling roots in 1953 into a major national conveyor manufacturer today. Roach is committed to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to meet its customers' needs


Metzgar Conveyors manufactures a full line of individual conveyor components and conveyor systems designed to meet individual customer requirements. We have been providing efficient solutions for a wide range of material handling needs since 1933.

Customer Solutions

Metzgar delivers a full range of supply chain solutions designed to meet your individual needs. Our product line includes:

  • Complete Conveyor systems
  • Drag chain conveyors
  • Gravity conveyors
  • Ball transfers
  • Line shaft conveyors
  • Plastic belt conveyors
  • Power belt conveyors
  • Belt driven live roller conveyors
  • Chain driven conveyors
  • Sortation devices
  • Conveyor controls