Long-Term Rental Can Lower Your Forklift Operating Cost Per Hour

It’s As Easy As 1,2,3!


Delta Materials Handling’s experts will carefully evaluate your specific job requirements using our Delta Max Efficiency Guide Survey.


After the survey is complete, we will match your requirements to the forklifts that best fit your application.


Start enjoying Long Term Rental benefits:

  • Cash conservation - No cash outlay to obtain equipment under a Long Term Rental.
  • Only pay for what you use - Agreements are based upon your expected hours of use and operating conditions.
  • Fixed payments with no maintenance surprises - We own the equipment, so maintaining it is our responsibility.
  • Flexible terms and equipment - Agreements range from 12 - 84 months.
  • Eliminate your stand-by equipment - We can supply you with equipment immediately when a need arises.
  • Long Term Rental will lower your forklift operating cost per hour with the benefits of Maximized Efficiency, Productivity and Profitability.

What Some Customers Had to Say

The DeltaMax Long Term Rental Program delivered to Parragon exactly what we needed. We were not interested in being in the forklift business; we are in the book business. Delta handles all our long-term and temporary needs for forklift equipment with their DeltaMax Long Term Rental Program. The program keeps our cost level for the term and all in all, saves us time and money while maximizing up time.

- Parragon Publishing

Delta Materials Handling and the Linde E20C forklift changed our view of electric forklifts. The Linde E20C coupled with a DesertHog battery and a opportunity charger gives us all the power we need and more. Not only are we running clean environmentally friendly forklifts, we are saving a significant amount of money not having to buy those costly LP tanks. In the beginning we were hesitant of change but the DeltaMax Long Term Rental Program was perfect to walk us through the transition. Delta took the time to ask the questions, learn about our company and operations, and successfully find a forklift solution. Thank you Delta Materials Handling!

- Nick Bergeron, United Solutions