Piggyback, 4500 lb capacity, Pneumatic Tires

  • Brand: Princeton
  • Model: PB45 PiggyBack
  • Type: Yard
  • Lift Capacity(lbs):4500- 4500

The 2-wheel drive PiggyBack® PB45 truck mounted forklift responds, instantly. The D45 forklift turns quickly in its own length and permits you to deliver rated loads precisely where your customer wants them. The D45 mounts quickly and easily behind virtually any flatbed truck or trailer. With hydrostatic wheel motors and choice of tires, the D45 provides sufficient power and traction for most delivery conditions. Its hydrostatic drive system assures quick and surefooted control even under adverse conditions. Features include: Optional 120”, 144”, Lift Heights and 48 hp (turbo) Diesel Engine.