Electric Turret Rider, 6000 lb capacity, Cushion Tires, Electric 36 or 48 volt

  • Brand: Clark
  • Model: ECX30
  • Type: Narrow Aisle
  • Lift Capacity(lbs):6000- 6000
To provide a cost-effective alternative to higher-priced, dedicated narrow aisle turret style trucks. The most unique feature of the full 180 degree pivoting carriage design is that the truck can pick/place a 48 inch long load in a 72 inch unguided aisle on either side of the lift truck. This gives the Operator virtually unlimited load retrieving options and lower cycle times. The CLARK turret truck can also be used outside the rack are to pick and carry loads . Use one truck to unload a trailer, carry the load to a narrow aisle rack area, and place it in the rack on either side. The potential cost savings makes the CLARK turret truck the ultimate side-shifter. (A special attachment with tilting forks is also available.)