Forklift Operator Safety Training

Sit-Down Forklift Certification$125.00 

 Every Tuesday  OSHA Compliant  3 Year Certification  
Practice available after certification.Additional Equipment class available for an additional fee.  


The new OSHA standard requires three phases of training for powered industrial truck operators. According to OSHA, only trained and authorized operators shall be permitted to operate forklift trucks. Operators will learn how to recognize and avoid situations which could lead to product damage and /or personal injury. Delta Materials Handling can assist you with the first two phases (formal instruction and practical training). The final phase of training (evaluation of the operator's performance in the workplace) is the responsibility of the employer. Except by special arrangement (training< conducted at customer site), all Operator Safety Training classes will be held at Delta Materials Handling Memphis facility each Tuesday

Formal Instruction:
This classroom section of the training includes a lecture by a knowledgeable, trained and experienced instructor, discussion, a PowerPoint computer presentation, a video presentation, written material and a fifty-question examination.

Practical Training:
This section of the training includes a demonstration of the Operator’s Daily Checklist, obstacle course demonstrations performed by the instructor, obstacle course exercises performed by the trainee and a written evaluation of the operator by the instructor.

Materials Included: 
Copy Of Written Examination
Certificate Of Completion
Copy Of Obstacle Course Evaluation Blank Operator’s Permit (with instructions)

Special Rates:
Special rates may be available for large classes of company attendees, training done at customer site or frequent users.

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For more information on Forklift Operator Safety Training, e-mail with Drivers Training Request in the subject line or call Dale Bostian at (901)795-7230 Ext. 347 or (800)228-0492.